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Bespoke Cohorts — Where Imagination Meets Wisdom

FutureGood Bespoke Cohorts bring together changemakers who are committed to building an equitable society.

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Curate Your Group

FutureGood can help you select a group of participants for your cohort and manage notifications, logistics, and grant awards for participants. Participants in a bespoke cohort receive training and tools to help them envision, build, and activate their ideal future. And more than that, enjoy fellowship with a community of like-minded individuals who support and encourage each other along the way.

What Can a Bespoke Cohort Do for You?

A bespoke cohort is a cohort of emerging leaders and visionaries selected by you. The focus of these training sessions is on innovating your approach to work by applying the concepts of futurism. And not only is it a chance to gain a future-focused mindset, but it happens in a supportive cohort experience.

Participants will:

  • Adopt principles of futurism so you can do more.
  • Work with a community of people who have the same objectives as you.
  • Identify and shore up weak spots so you are prepared for turbulent times.
  • Ensure that diversity, equity, and inclusion are part of your operational philosophy.
  • Have ongoing access to the FutureGood Studio online learning platform and community.

What Happens at a Bespoke Cohort?

Learn About Futurism

As the pace of change continues to accelerate it is critical for changemakers to understand what is coming next. Futurism refocuses your sights on the legacy you want to leave while developing an action plan to make it a reality.

Imagining What Is Possible

We're all working on large problems, and sometimes it can seem like solving them is beyond reach. It's not. Bespoke cohorts are an opportunity to break through the day-to-day challenges and get excited about the small gains that add up to big wins.

How to Create an Ideal Future

It's one thing to sit back and imagine how nice the world would be if our problems were solved. It's another to roll up your sleeves and do the work to make it happen. You'll gain tools and strategies to create your ideal future (and you'll expand your network with encouraging, supportive people).

Anticipating Challenges (and Solutions)

The world isn't a static place and the never-ending, accelerated rate of change can bring on new hurdles. You need to know how to see them coming and have a procedure for solving them. Bespoke cohorts will show you how to pivot around both the mountains and molehills that stand in your way.

Examples of Bespoke Cohorts

Below is a sampling of some of our past and current programs. Please note that we are not accepting applications for new participants in these existing cohorts.

DEI Cohort 

DEI Leaders- FutureGood facilitates a network of brilliant philanthropic leaders that are leading diversity, equity, and inclusion change efforts at their foundations. This Robert Wood Johnson Foundation-sponsored effort was launched in 2019. We are accepting new nominations and self-nominations for this program which currently meets virtually.

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Racial Justice United Cohort 

Sponsored by the Kresge Foundation, this project focuses on ways that a network of 50 racial justice organizations can co-create a space bolstered by technical assistance, learning circles, convenings, and anything else that they collectively identify to help co-create an ecosystem while centering principles of racial justice in future work.

Field Trips to the Future Cohort

Sponsored by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and featuring leaders from communities across the United States, this project brings the influence of growth-oriented, future-focused thinking to the changemakers working to ensure that communities and Native nations across the rural United States are healthy places where people thrive and live with dignity.

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