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Masterminds: Retreat so You Can Advance

It is easy to get caught up in the busyness of your career and not see a clear path forward. FutureGood Mastermind retreats bring together passionate visionaries who are committed to building a better future. During a Mastermind Retreat, you have the space and support to consider your next phase of impact.

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Take Your Life to a Higher Level

You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with. Upgrade your 5 with a FutureGood Mastermind. These fully facilitated in-person and virtual events create spaces for goal setting, relationship-building, and long-term collaboration. We work together to clarify our purposes as individuals and hold each other accountable moving forward.

Previous FutureGood Mastermind participants have started businesses, gotten promoted, launched incredible community-building initiatives, and run for office (and were elected). What will a Mastermind Retreat create for you?

Elevate Your Impact

The FutureGood Mastermind was built around the idea that we could each create our own unique dent in the world by providing each other with support, accountability, and a space for us to retreat and refresh ourselves.

  • Engage with other future-focused individuals who will encourage and motivate you
  • Understand the challenges affecting you and learn to overcome them effectively
  • Get a clear vision of your organization's direction and the impact you want to make
  • Define the processes you need in place to make your desired future a reality

What Happens At Masterminds?

Build Valuable Relationships

Masterminds events are up-close-and-personal forums where future-minded changemakers come together to create a community that encourages and supports each other.

Envision the Future

Where do you want to go and what will it take to get there? Figuring out the answers to those questions is now a team sport.


The best thing about Masterminds is that it’s an opportunity to get advice, insight, and perspective in a professional, confidential environment.

Ongoing Accountability

Being accountable to others and ourselves is how we maintain momentum in creating change, and you’ll meet people who will keep you true to your goals.

Retreat Dates & Topics

September 18-22

The Future of You

The pandemic has made it hard to think about long-term career and impact trajectory. Give yourself the opportunity to develop a clearer picture of your future impact.

October 23-27

Becoming a Future-Focused Leader

Still accepting participants

The pace of change is accelerating, and nonprofit and foundation leaders need to develop the skills and tools to harness that change. Trista will teach you those tools at this retreat.

November 6-10

The Future of You

The pandemic has made it hard to think about long-term career and impact trajectory. Give yourself the opportunity to develop a clearer picture of your future impact.

Past Mastermind Retreats

Hilton Head

2019 | 2018





Interested In Participating?

Due to limited space and high interest, Mastermind participants are selected through an application process. If you are interested in being notified when a new Mastermind Retreat opens, click below.

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Due to limited space and high interest, participants in the FutureGood Mastermind retreats are selected through an application process. This carefully curated group will become a supportive mastermind to help you reach your highest goals.

The retreat must be paid for when you are selected to attend the retreat. Spots cannot be held without payment. Your retreat payment is 100% refundable through May 15, 2022. After that date your retreat is no longer refundable but you can transfer it to another participant.


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