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Equitable Future Visioning & DEI Consulting

We help your organization take a deep look at external and internal systems and processes to make sure that diversity, equity, and inclusion is a key frame used by all of your staff and board. We give you actionable plans and step-by-step support to create an equitable future for your organization and its impact.

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The Best Future Is an Equitable Future

FutureGood works with you to craft a clear vision for an equitable future for your organization and its impact. We're passionate about helping organizations build a better future for everyone.

Improve Your Impact With Effective DEI Strategy

Designed for the unique constraints and pace of nonprofits and foundations, the equitable future visioning model gives a framework in which to make DEI initiatives part of your today and your tomorrow. Regardless of where you’re starting, you can reach a place of equity.

  • Make DEI a core foundation upon which you do your work
  • Create a pipeline in your organization to ensure diverse leadership at the staff and board level
  • Identify and repair any broken processes that impede change
  • Learn how to successfully execute external DEI initiatives in your community

Our Process

Set the Stage

We will work with your leadership team to invite the right people and perspectives to our equitable future visioning process.

Visioning Session

The visioning session is where we begin to dig deep into the four roles of a nonprofit — program provider, economic entity, employer, and community citizen — and build an equity frame for each.

Strategy Development

We will work with a small team from your board or staff to make the vision a reality through power mapping, reviews of your existing policies and procedures, and bringing best practices in the field to your organization. We will coach your internal team to make an equitable future your reality.

Organizations We've Helped

Camdentown Minneapolis

Facilitation of a community event envisioning the future of Camdentown.

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Let’s work together to create a more beautiful and equitable future for your organization.

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