Introducing the 2021 Field Trips to the Future Cohort!

Presenting our inaugural Field Trips to the Future Cohort. These community leaders are at the cutting edge of rural community development. The primary goal of this cohort was to infuse and strengthen the influence of future-oriented thinking in those working with rural communities and Native nations across the United States.

This cohort, which is sponsored by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, represent communities from across the United States and includes three components:

  • Discover: Participants will be led through a series of learning opportunities that build their knowledge and skills as future focused leaders. Delivered as synchronous 3-hour virtual retreats over a 12-month time period, these bi-monthly retreats expose  participants to a diverse set of futurists with unique information and models for building a better future.

  • Nurture: In this cohort, participants will be assigned to a small mastermind group to foster connection in a more intimate setting. The mastermind groups are an ideal tool for connection, problem-solving, and ideation.

  • Act: Participants will develop a short talk about trends that will impact their work and how their organization and the field can prepare for and harness these coming trends.

Trista Harris, the President of FutureGood and facilitator of this program said “this is an amazing group of visionary leaders that are shaping the future of our country. I can’t wait to see how their ability to strengthen their local communities continues to expand with the futurism skills and relationships they build during this experience.”

Cohort members were nominated and selected. A total of 138 people were nominated and through a multi-review process, 30 participants were selected. We are grateful for those who nominated individuals for this inaugural experience.

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