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Collaborating With Foundations to Do More Good

We provide futurism-based consulting for philanthropic organizations to gain insight into the trends, innovations, and disruptions that will affect your organization’s mission so you can put strategies in place to continue changing the world even in changing times.

What Does FutureGood Offer?

Our unique approach provides philanthropic institutions with a glimpse into the future so you’re able to understand and adapt to opportunities and challenges while more effectively serving your grantees.

Attain True Transformative Impact

Shift the paradigm by asking, "what would our community look like if we fully accomplished our mission?”

Recognize Emerging Trends

The future is more visible than we think, and FutureGood has a model to put it directly in your sights.

Be Ready for the Future That’s Already Here

Society’s rate of change is ever-accelerating. We’ll help you harness that change to create an even greater impact.

“​​She gave great advice and insight. She’s terrific and a real find for us—and the foundation.”

— Paul Tarini, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

Strategic Visioning

It's not enough to simply adapt to change when it comes. The pace at which society is changing is happening quickly and foundations that are waiting to react will only fall behind. Our strategic visioning sessions are designed to move you from being reactive to proactive.

  • Recognize the signals of the future that exist in today’s reality
  • Gain clarity about what success looks like for your foundation
  • Create long-term strategies and action plans
  • Establish rock-solid scenarios for volatile times
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Equitable Future Visioning

Social responsibility is no longer an asterisked item, it’s a key pillar upon which the highly effective foundations of today are built. Make your equity commitments more explicit and expansive by fully examining the multiple roles your organization plays as a grantmaker, economic entity, community citizen, and employer and creating a clear plan to be more equitable in each of those roles.

  • Move the idea of an equitable future from theory to reality.
  • Our aspirational and tactical visioning sessions build shared buy-in.
  • Set a clear plan for implementation and ongoing accountability.
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FutureGood Studio

A self-driven solution for organizations and for individual leaders, FutureGood Studio is a series of twelve 30-minute video modules for visionaries committed to building a better future.

  • Bring a future frame to your organization, regardless of size or financial status.
  • Develop your leadership skills by learning the tools of futurism and how to become an agent in creating a more equitable future.
  • Get a set of tangible tools to be able to influence the future.
  • Meet other leaders who are using futurism to solve social problems.
  • Includes exclusive access to online training with FutureGood Founder, Trista Harris.
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Foundations We've Helped

Doris Duke Charitable Foundation

Visioning and strategic sessions for each of their programs areas: performing arts, medical research, environment, child well-being, and building bridges.

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Let’s Shape the World

We work with foundations that want to use a future-focused approach to maximize long-term impact. Does that describe you?

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