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Strategic Visioning for Organizations

The world is changing at an exponential rate, and traditional strategic planning methods aren’t enough to get your organization through volatile times. By starting with your vision for the future, you can accomplish so much more.

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It’s Time to Think BIG: Strategic Planning with a Twist

When beginning strategic planning, many foundations and nonprofits make mistakes: they focus all of their attention on the past and present, which only leaves space for incremental solutions in the future.

FutureGood has completely flipped the traditional strategic planning model on its head. We will guide you to begin with your vision for your ideal future. Only once that vision is clear do we begin crafting the plan to get there.

Our Process

Visualize your Ideal Future

We’ll help you convene a group of thought partners to help you develop a clear vision of the future. What problems are you working on and what would the world look like if they were solved? Knowing the legacy you want to leave helps staff, board members, and members of the community who support the organization envision what the future could really be if they work together to achieve a common goal.

Apply an Equity Frame

Without an Equity Frame for this entire process, you are likely to reinforce baked in systems of oppression. FutureGood can guide you through this Visioning process while simultaneously helping you root out inequities.

Get Future-Focused

What problems are you working on? What would it look like if they were solved? By starting with the ideal future and working backward, the options for achieving success become clear. 

Find the Bright Spots

Which of your existing efforts are effective in supporting you vision of the future? FutureGood will help you identify those current best practices so you can bring them with you into the future.

Create your Ideal Future

Once we establish a clear vision of your organization's ideal future, we’ll develop a rolling three-year work plan. We will also leave your team with the tools needed to keep your plan fresh and check in on a yearly basis so you have assistance in adapting to any changes that come up.

Want to learn more?

FutureGood offers both FutureProof, an organizational capacity-building tool, and Strategic Visioning, a customized process tailored to the organization. Let's talk through what's right for you.

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Organizations We've Helped

Medi-Cal Healthcare System

Designing a method for gathering input from  members in order to prioritize strategies that better served Medi-Cal members of color.

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Camdentown Minneapolis

Facilitation of a community event envisioning the future of Camdentown.

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We love working with future-thinking organizations that want to build a better future. Reach out to learn more about Strategic Visioning.

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