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Strategic Visioning: Make Time for the Future In the Present

When beginning strategic planning sessions, many foundations and nonprofits make significant mistakes. They focus all of their attention on the past and present, which only leaves space for incremental solutions in the future. FutureGood has completely flipped the traditional strategic planning model and instead starts with: what is the ideal future you are working to create with your work? Only once that vision is clear do we begin crafting the plan to get there.

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It’s Time to Play Big: Strategic Planning With a Twist

The world is changing at an exponential rate, and traditional approaches to planning aren’t enough to survive, much less thrive during volatile times. Strategic visioning is the solution. By creating a vision of the future and using it as the guiding light for your organization, you can accomplish so much more.

Make Sure Your Culture Matches the Vision

Increase your long-term impact by focusing on your organization’s true purpose and establishing a healthy culture with clear accountability.

  • Gain a clear perspective on the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead
  • Instill a shared purpose that energizes and motivates your team
  • Implement safeguards so you thrive even during volatile times
  • Ensure that DEI is a central component of your action plan

Our Process

Envision the Future

We’ll help you convene a group of thought partners to help you develop a clear vision of the future. What problems are you working on and what would the world look like if they were solved? Knowing the legacy you want to leave helps staff, board members, and members of the community who support the organization envision what the future could really be if they work together to achieve a common goal.

Find the Bright Spots

Every organization is already doing things that will make that ideal future a reality. FutureGood will help you bring those current best practices to life. We'll look at the future forces that will affect your work and determine which of your existing efforts are effective in supporting your vision of the future.

Create the Future

When we establish a shared vision of what impact you want to make and all the resources that are available to make it happen, we’ll develop a rolling three-year work plan to move toward making your ideal future a reality. We will also leave your team with the tools needed to keep your plan fresh on a yearly basis so it can serve you well into the future.

Organizations We've Helped

Girls on the Run Minnesota

Board and staff retreat to envision the next phase of the organization’s expansion.

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