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Building your organization's strategic capacity

Frustrated by an outdated strategic plan that‚Äôs just collecting dust? Join¬†FutureProof, where we don‚Äôt just create a plan‚ÄĒwe also help you build an operating system for your entire organization.¬†

The pilot program launches in September 2024. Listen to Trista Harris explain what this program will do for you!


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The old method just doesn't work anymore.


The rate of change is increasing, so the traditional strategic planning methods aren't delivering the results your organization needs. Join FutureProof, and learn from renowned philanthropic futurist Trista Harris. FutureProof is an adaptable 3-year asynchronous learning program designed to enhance your team’s resilience and internal strategic capacity. The program will prepare you to handle external disruptions and the increased rate of change which is our new normal. And within the first year, you will generate a concrete strategy plan! All this at a fraction of the cost of traditional strategic planning.

Using our advanced futurism tools, your organization won't just withstand challenges - it will THRIVE!


You can also check out our Strategic Visioning process to select the tool that is right for you. 

FutureProof Includes


An Equity Framework

Bake equity into all aspects of your operations. 


Proven Visioning Strategy

Trista Harris's Visioning guidance with a proven track record of success.

Bespoke  Coaching 

Our strategy experts help you implement these tools into your organization seamlessly.

Rolling 3-Year Workplan

Ensures your plans stay fresh by adapting to changes within your organization and externally

Rethink the Process

When beginning strategic planning, many foundations and nonprofits focus all of their attention on the past and present, which only leaves a narrow path for incremental solutions in the future. FutureGood has a totally different approach.

Watch this recent webinar presented by Trista Harris: Strategy Reimagined: A New Model for Transformative Times.


Ready to FutureProof your Organization? 

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Ready to FutureProof your Organization? 

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