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About FutureGood

FutureGood is a consultancy that helps foundations, nonprofits, and visionary leaders predict and shape the future.

Our Mission


Using futurism tools and best practices from the field, we partner with our clients to envision your ideal future, create a path to get there, and solve problems yet to be imagined.

Our Futurism Philosophy


Future thinking skills need to be the number one strategic priority for everyone trying to make positive change. If you don’t take future thinking seriously, your organization won’t exist in the near term future. Foundations with endowments will exist but won’t stay relevant to the causes and communities they care about without future-focused thinking.

FutureGood helps you make the future clear. Then we help you understand how to build strategies and a vibrant organizational culture that will make your ideal future a reality. Through this work, you create a more beautiful and equitable future for all.

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Our Founder


FutureGood was founded by Trista Harris, a world-renowned philanthropic futurist who is passionate about empowering organizations by providing the tools, framework, and guidance necessary to create their ideal future. Trista has worked with nonprofit organizations since she was 13 years old and deeply understands the constraints and infinite possibilities of social sector organizations.

Our Dedicated Team


Our international team possesses unstoppable dedication for developing smart strategies today that result in a better future tomorrow. They bring their diverse perspectives and experiences to the table in every engagement.

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Our AI Governance Policy


AI offers humans the opportunity to do richer and more purposeful work by taking over repetitive time-consuming tasks. For this reason, FutureGood embraces AI as a great tool to move us all toward a more beautiful future. However, we recognize that AI has limitations. For this reason we: 

  1. Never ask AI to make decisions. Humans make decisions; machines do not.
  2.  Never treat AI's work as a final draft. AI produces our first drafts only. 

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Ready to build a better future? FutureGood provides the framework and step-by-step guidance to make it a reality.

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