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Case Studies:
Futurism In Action

Camdentown Minneapolis

Facilitation of a community event envisioning the future of Camdentown.


Camdentown is an initiative that aims to build a thriving inner-city community that works for and is built by the residents of Camdentown in North Minneapolis.



Camdentown MPLS needed to collect information for its planning team to help them make the case for increased investment for the area.


What We Did

Camdentown MPLS hosted a community event with an interactive activity for National Night Out visitors to imagine the future of Camdentown, and we helped facilitate.

“Through the study of futurism and applying it, FutureGood was able to highlight getting beyond the problem, which helped us get unstuck in our ways. We didn’t fully understand the difference between futurism and strategic planning. Futurism itself is a 10-year plan, not a 3-5 year plan, and FutureGood was able to distinguish the difference. FutureGood is a community, full of possibilities and hopefulness. ”

April Riordan Strategy & Operations, Camdentown Minneapolis


Doris Duke Charitable Foundation

Visioning and strategic sessions for each of their programs areas: performing arts, medical research, environment, child well-being, and building bridges.


The Doris Duke Charitable Foundation (DDCF) is a private national foundation that makes grants across six funding areas and oversees two museums and a center for environmental stewardship.



After approving a special Social Impact Bond aimed at providing relief, rebuilding, and transforming the work of selected grantees during the pandemic, The Doris Duke Foundation team developed together a giving framework to create the impact they were seeking with the special bond.


What We Did

We helped each program area develop its own Ideal Future Statements and a customized strategy screen.

“Working with FutureGood and recent events compelled us to reexamine our business model and the premises for our grantmaking. It helped us rethink strategies, the outcomes we’re seeking, and the ultimate question of “why.” How do we do the work we do most effectively? FutureGood is flexible, insightful, and an effective guide to help clients discover their vision and the capacity to meet it.”

Maurine Knighton Program Director for the Arts, Doris Duke Charitable Foundation

Girls on the Run Minnesota

Board and staff retreat to envision the next phase of the organization’s expansion.


Girls on the Run is a nonprofit organization that inspires ALL girls to build confidence and make intentional decisions while fostering care and compassion for self and others. Trained coaches use physical activity and dynamic discussions to build social, emotional and physical skills in every girl while encouraging healthy habits for life.



After their initial visioning process 3 years ago, Girls on the Run MN participated in a 3-hour virtual interactive session with staff and board to develop an equitable vision for the future as they embark on a substantial expansion broadening their reach state-wide.


What We Did

Using the Ideal Future Statement developed in 2018, we helped Girls on the Run develop concrete steps and metrics that will continue to guide the organization’s vision.

 “Going into working with Trista, we had a lot of big ideas going from a Twin Cities based nonprofit [to a one that is] state wide with youth on our board; things that were just ideas in the beginning. Trista helped us identify our work through four specific roles; community citizens, employer, economic entity, and program provider and that has set us up for everything we do. We are able to look at our work through that lens…and Trista’s work and [her] pushing us to see the end product and how we can get there has really allowed us to step into that next phase as a nonprofit.” 


Mary Uran, Executive Director, Girls on the Run Minnesota


Pioneering Ideas for an Equitable Future at the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

Helping RWJF find its next Futurist in Residence.


The Pioneering Ideas for an Equitable Future team is charged with exploring cutting-edge ideas and emerging trends to help anticipate, adapt to, and influence this evolving landscape to ensure a better future. They are the innovation arm of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and are focused on achieving health equity.



Trista Harris was the inaugural Futurist in Residence for the Pioneering team and after a 3-year term, helped the team create an ongoing Futurist in Residence program to bring new voices and perspectives to the team.

What We Did

  • Identified a partnering organization that could connect with a diverse group of future thinkers that were possible Futurist in Residence candidates.
    • We identified the Guild of Future Architects as an ideal partner
  • Developed a process that would get the organization the right candidate.
    • We co-created an application and selection process.
  • Helped team interview and select the candidate.
    • We picked an amazing candidate that is starting her residency.