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Nonprofit Consulting for a Brighter Future

Nonprofits must have strategies in place that maximize the impact they make in your community today while solidifying your long-term strategic direction. FutureGood has the knowledge, experience, and framework to get you there.

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What Does FutureGood Offer?

FutureGood offers organizational change consulting, diversity and inclusion strategy, and strategic visioning sessions that transform individuals and turn organizations into vehicles for positive change.

Create Your Ideal Future

Establish a long-lasting impact by being proactive about the future, not reactive to the challenges of the present.

Integrate Emerging Trends

Adapt advantageously to changes in emerging trends that impact your work.

Serve Communities Better

Help more people, do more good, and create a better world with unwavering passion.

"Through the study of futurism and applying it, FutureGood was able to highlight getting beyond the problem, which helped us get unstuck in our ways. We didn’t fully understand the difference between futurism and strategic planning. Futurism itself is a 10-year plan, not a 3-5 year plan, and FutureGood was able to distinguish the difference. FutureGood is a community, full of possibilities and hopefulness. "

— April Riordan, Strategy & Operations, Camdentown Minneapolis

Strategic Visioning

What would your community look like if your mission was fully accomplished? We help you work with key allies to envision your ideal future and then create the strategies and action plans that make it a reality.

  • Clarify and amplify your impact over the next 5 to 50 years.
  • Create a shared ideal future with clear accountability to get there.
  • Strengthen resilience in anticipation of volatile times to come.
  • Ignite your internal team with a rejuvenated sense of purpose and drive.
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Equitable Future Visioning

Make your equity commitments more explicit and expansive by fully examining the multiple roles your organization plays as a program provider, economic entity, community citizen, and employer. Create a clear plan to be more equitable in each of those roles in your community and create an equity frame for each one of them.

  • Move the idea of an equitable future from theory to reality.
  • Our aspirational and tactical visioning sessions build shared buy-in.
  • Set a clear plan for implementation and ongoing accountability.

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FutureGood Studio

A self-driven solution for organizations and for individual leaders, FutureGood Studio is a series of twelve 30-minute video modules for visionaries committed to building a better future.

  • A self-driven solution for visionary nonprofit leaders committed to building something new, FutureGood Studio is a series of twelve 30-minute video modules that will help you navigate change and create your ideal future.
  • Develop your leadership skills by learning the tools of futurism and how to become an agent in creating a more equitable future.
  • Get a set of tangible tools to be able to influence change and the future.
  • Bring a future frame to your organization, regardless of size or financial status.
  • Meet other leaders who are using futurism to solve social problems.
  • Includes exclusive access to online training and a monthly Q/A session with FutureGood Founder, Trista Harris.
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Organizations We've Helped

Let's Create a Better Future Together

We work with all types of nonprofit organizations seeking to improve their impact today by ensuring their efforts are in alignment with their vision of the future.

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