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FutureGood Studio

Teaching social sector professionals to apply futurism to predict and shape the future.
Learn at your own pace from philanthropic futurist, Trista Harris.  ●  Network with other future-focused social sector leaders.  ●  Deepen your learning with a Mastermind Team


2023 Cohorts

Price: $3,500.00 per person (*Scholarships Available

Method: Asynchronous video lessons with intermittent virtual meetings

3-month Programs beginning in January, May, and September 


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Overwhelmed by the pace of change in your organization and the field? Join FutureGood Studio and learn how to predict and shape the future with a group of changemakers from across the country.

Through a cutting-edge online learning platform, you will learn to create your ideal future with a supportive network of peers.  Based on Trista Harris's highly-acclaimed book, FutureGood: How to use Futurism to Save the World,  you will learn at your own pace from a series of 12 asynchronous video lessons.  Trista will meet with your cohort each month of the program for a live Q&A to answer your questions.  You will also enjoy hands-on applied learning activities and opportunities to collaborate and network with your own Mastermind Teams and other members of the cohort.

Program Benefits


FutureGood Studio teaches you skills you can put to use immediately.  For a commitment of roughly four hours per month, you will learn about futurism, apply your learning in hands-on activities and workshop ideas with other professionals.


FutureGood Studio will build your professional network and your support community.  Work with other futurists-in-training in the FutureGood Community online forum, in your own Mastermind teams, and in virtual networking sessions.  


Establish yourself within your organization as a skilled futurist.  Take the next step in your professional development with cutting edge training in futurism.  Upon completion of FutureGood Studio, you will receive a certificate which you can share as a professional credential.

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What does the program cover?

Session 1 — Welcome to Futurism

Right now, we need future leaders more than we ever have. The future doesn’t just happen to us, we create it with the decisions that we make each day. In this session, you will begin to think about the future as a positive concept and imagine your work within that bright future. 

Session 2 — Futurism, What is It?

Our futures are not predetermined. There are many possible outcomes, and the decisions we make on a daily basis matter. Session 2 helps you to unpack this idea.  It will also develop your understanding of futurism and explain how you can use it to shape your ideal future.

Session 3 — Loving the Problem

The easiest place for us to get stuck is when we are loving the problem. This session helps you understand the common ways we can get stuck in loving the problem and new ways to approach our work so we kick our problem-loving habits.

Session 4 — Be Exponential

This session is all about exponential thinking and change. To achieve transformational change, you need to prepare your brain and use a different set of strategies to reach your goals. This session gives you practical steps to activate your exponential change and growth.

Session 5 — Futurism Habits

Being future-focused is about developing a series of futurism habits. This module walks you through practical steps to create habits that support your ideal future.

Session 6 — Four Roles

Despite best intentions, inequality is often present within the very infrastructure of organizations. This session teaches you how to build an organizational framework grounded in equality. 

Session 7 — Ideal Future

To create exponential change, we need to think bigger and get out of our comfort zones.  This session is all about how to create the space to build the new.

Session 8 — Signals of the Future

When utilizing futurism, there are guideposts or signals that can help you.  This session teaches you to seek your signals of the future and understand how to use them to your advantage.  

Session 9 — Current Reality

How do you reconcile your image of an ideal future with the very real constraints of your reality?  This session deals with that conflict and shows you how you can turn disadvantages into benefits.  

Session 10 — From Here to There

There are ways you can activate your network to help you get to your ideal future. This session teaches practical skills for making those future-focused connections and for leveraging your current network.  

Session 11 — Power Mapping

This session builds on the networking strategies from session 10.  There is power to be harnessed within your corner of the world--who will help your progress? Who will hinder it? In this session, you will learn about mapping the power structure of your network. 

Session 12 — Now Create the Future

This session will sum up your learning and ask you to commit to the necessary next steps.  Your future is good! 

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What you are Getting When you Sign Up

  • 12-month access to the FutureGood Studio and online training materials (Value $2,500) 

  • Access to FutureGood Community of future-focused leaders (Value $950)  

  • Access to your own Mastermind Team, plus 2 Virtual Networking Sessions and 1 Virtual Social Event.  

  • FutureGood Workbook to process what you are learning in the program (Value $50).   

  • 3 Virtual Q&A sessions with Trista (Value $6,000).   

  • A certificate of completion

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