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June 2024 Trends: The Future of Democracy

#futuregood #futureofdemocracy #futurism Jun 25, 2024
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June 2024

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The Future of Democracy


I believe that the recent rise of Nazism is tied to job losses created by AI and Robots. These appear to be disconnected issues, we aren't talking enough about how fundamental changes to our economy are occurring and how this is connected to technological advancement. Without proper context, some begin telling an old story - that immigrants and POC are taking jobs. This is creating a rise in hatred and fear.

What this could mean for the social sector: Foundations and nonprofit organizations need to adapt quickly to educate communities about new trends as they emerge. Leaders need to recognize connections between the rise in hatred and economic fears as they happen and create programming for communities to address these emergent trends.


The pervasive surveillance of activists and civil society groups, especially those advocating for racial equality and justice, poses a significant threat to democratic freedoms. This challenge is further compounded by the increasing militarization of police forces, which can stifle civil liberties and public dissent. Ensuring the future of democracy will require addressing these issues to protect the rights and freedoms of civil society.

What this could mean for the social sector: Foundations who want to sit out policy discussions will find it nearly impossible to continue this way. Discussions of equity must address policing and surveillance.


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As we look at job losses from AI, futurists are predicting big social changes. Like when the industrial revolution took us from an 80 hour work week to a 40 hour work week, this technological transformation could take us from a 40 hour work week to only 20 hours of work per week.

There could be a financial overhaul, too. Universal basic income sets a floor for everyone, whether they are working or not. Companies and higher income people would be taxed to cover a monthly payment to citizens for food, housing, and living expenses. The newest push for Universal Basic Income is from leaders in Silicon Valley who can see how their products will eliminate workers but know they still need customers to purchase their products.

Alaska has the oldest model of Universal basic income. Since the early 1980s, each person (adults and children) receives roughly two grand per year from the State.

What this could mean for the social sector: Foundations should devote expertise to looking at these emergent issues, especially if there is a desire to influence policy.